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Recent Press

Recently I’ve been involved in a lot of exciting projects which I’m pleased to share with you.  The year is drawing to an end, and I’m so privileged to have worked among the industry’s finest!!

You might remember my post on Jasmine Star’s Workshop a while ago.  It has since been published in the December/January issue of  Wedding Magazine, one of the biggest publications in the wedding industry.


Dashing Magazine is a brand new online magazine designed for the ‘stylish and spirited girl’, and is the brainchild of Fanni, Josie and Charley.  I was asked to do a sixties-inpired photoshoot with the Wonderwoman Emma Case, check out the story here (our shoot is on page 70 – 77)  Be sure to subscribe to the magazine, it’s full of beautiful content, and has such a fresh design, perfect for lunchtime reads!!!


Photography by Emma Case


See Hear, a program by the BBC focusing on the deaf community, did a feature on the amazing photographer, Ashton Jean-Pierre’s work.  Kat from Rock ‘n Roll Bride asked me to do her (and husband Gareth’s!) hair and make-up, as they were the models for the shoot.  Ashton mainly shoots in film, I simply love the raw quality of his work!   You could check out the full shoot here, and the program on BBC iPlayer here.


Photography:  Ashton  Jean Pierre

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The Ultimate Love-In

You know when life gets a bit overwhelming, and then suddenly you get that feeling that ‘everything’s going to be alright’?  See this as my most recent epiphany.

I am so blessed to be surrounded by like-minded mega-talented people.  Case in point:  the Feather Love workshop hosted by Noa Azoulay-Sclater, the beautifully-minded artist/photographer behind Feather Love.  With the help of Rock n Roll Bride and darling ‘I-hug-everyone-at-hello’ Emma Case who was a guest speaker, talking about her own journey and inspiration, this was a match made in wedding HEAVEN!!!  Oh, and it didn’t hurt that we had an amazing couple to shoot (Kat’s new intern, Roo, and her fiancé Lamb) and that it was held HERE

So I was responsible for the hair and make-up on the lovely Roo (who’s got amazing taste, I might add) and we also got to play a bit with Paperself Eyelashes  and shimmery gleamy bronzy eyeshadows. The idea was cult 70’s, I know Noa had a better ‘spirited’ description, and for the life of my I can’t remember it!  There were loads of taxidermy, fur, wild flowers… (again, my idea of heaven!) all supplied by the smart lady Amy of Little ‘a’.  Roo got to wear a dreamy vintage gown by Charlotte Casadejus (see more of her wedding dress shopping trip HERE).

A seriously felt so much at home, and everything Noa and Emma said resonated well with where I am at this very moment with my creative life, and how I should take it to the next level.  This included stopping and appreciating little things around you, and letting them inspire you.  ‘Inspired by’ should not be  ‘copying’, and learning how to use something subtle that has spoken to you, and be guided by that, the core, instead of doing the obvious.

Before I blabber on too much, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone involved, it was great to see old friends, and also to meet new ones.

Oh, and I’ll never look at hip hop in the same way.

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Anna + Bean, Northumberland

Another ‘twitter bride’, Anna invited me over to have a chat about a collaboration for her blog.  That conversation quickly shifted when we started comparing notes about both of our upcoming nuptials, and saw that there were going to be many similarities!  Needless to say, the blog interview has been put aside when we realised there were more important things to discuss.

Their wedding has been a challenge to get to because of heavy, heavy snow but I managed to get there in one piece!  Anna and Bean invited me to stay for the wedding itself (after all, it would’ve been dangerous to leave at that stage!) and I felt incredibly lucky to have shared their very special authentic, eclectic day.  This lady has gotten impeccable taste (just check out her blog posts) and she’s an Agony Aunt on Rock n Roll Bride,  so I knew that this was going to be one classy affair!

As a girl who never wears much make-up, we ended up with a fresh-looking, radiant, pretty look, with nothing too fussy about it.  Her hair was put up in glamorous big pincurls to go with that fantastic dress. I’ve done the bridesmaids’ hair in loose relaxed curls and upstyles, according to their preferences. Later on I added the most amazing lashes from Paperself on Anna for drama.

For more info and the full gallery, click here, here and here.

Photographer:  Emma Case

Dress: Nikki J

Earrings: J. Crew

Bridesmaids dresses:  twobirds bridesmaid

Flowers: I Heart Flowers

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