Simple smoky eye tutorial using 2 shadows and 3 brushes!

After a quick survey on twitter and facebook, it seems like there’s still a need for quick make-up tutorials. So here’s chapter 1!  I’d love to get feedback on this, and also requests on looks you’d like me to create.

I wanted to keep the first one simple, so I started out with a soft smoky eye.  This could obviously be altered to suit your taste, in terms of colour, etc, but here goes!

  • (Not shown)  Start off by using a primer on your eyelid to make the eyeshadows last.  I’ve used Mac’s Painterly Paint pot, a soft pinky beige shade.
  • Apply your chosen eyeshadow (I’ve used MAC Copperplate) with a flat eyeshadow brush, pushing it on to the eyelid up to the crease, focusing on the outer two-thirds of your lid.
  • Then comes the fun bit – blending.  With a soft fluffy brush, use a wiper-motion to blend the top of that line of eyeshadow on your crease into your browbone.  The trick is to not go over the eyeshadow itself on the lid, you just want to soften any hard line.  Don’t press it too hard, you need quite a light touch.
  • Very important: open your eyes and look straight-on in a mirror.  For this look, you must be able to see a little bit of the smoke above your crease with your eye open.  Switch between your flat brush to pack more colour, and alternate with the fluffy brush to blend it in.   Carry on with this until you’ve reached the desired depth of colour. The higher you go, the more dramatic the effect.
  • Line your upper lid with a black shadow (MAC Carbon) with a small angled brush, keeping the intensity of colour at the lash root, flicking the brush upwards to soften the line.  Keep the line thicker on the outer corner to not close the eye up too much.
  • Softly line the lower lid (again,focusing on the outer corner to keep the look ‘open’) with eyeshadow left over on the flat brush, curl your lashes, add mascara, and just like that, you have your smoky eye!

You could then continue by adding shimmer on top, or lining the inner rim of your eye with a black eyeliner pencil for drama.

Have fun with the look, experiment with different eyeshadow finishes and colours.

Would love to hear your feedback!!

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